23 January 2011

Hunter Coal Wagons 3

A few more coal wagons. Of interest, almost every shot was taken at Sandgate or Carrington over a 2 hour period. Plenty of variety on the coal trains these days!

TT02 shunting a 4 pack of new NHDH hoppers.

The rear NHDH hopper with very clear lashing marks from the trip from China.

100t NHVF

100t NHTH, built from a former limestone/coke wagon. The creases in each end are tell tale signs of the NHTH wagons. Strangely, these are coded NHTH, when they should carry a different third letter code as the NHTF already exist.

The NHTF hoppers are the smallest operating in the Hunter. These run exclusively to Pelton on the Austar trains. They are 76t gross.

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