22 February 2011

48s at Port Kembla

Both 48162 and 48206 were at Port Kembla last week.



  1. Sad to say I prefer the freightcorp variation! The full yellow schnozz is just too much--and those thin white numbers on a yellow background just don't stand out enough.

    The full blown grain corp scheme is much better than the quickie patch job, in my opinion. But it's nice to see that the 48 class is still given attention after all these years.

  2. Decent numbers on the PN livery would make it 1000 times better. I've always loved the shape of the 48 class, and they look great in almost every livery.


  3. Chris, I'm liking the "b-unit" Grain Corp units the most--no a/c on the roof, almost looking "as delivered" condition!

  4. The GPUs do have the lovely original look.

    Being in the cab of one is probably like 'as delivered' also - stinking hot in summer!