20 February 2011

Unloading Slag - Port Kembla

In what could be a real simple operation to model, the rollingstock is very interesting.

Slag is sent to Port Kembla in open wagons, and is lifted from the wagon using an excavator with a magnetic attachement (very similar to the one show in Model Railroader Feb 2011). Once removed and placed on the ground, it is then troucked around the corner to be melted for re-use.

The wagons used are normally RCDX, RKCX, ROSX, VOFX, and lately some ore ROQFs have been sighted (a good use for the Austrains models).

Here are a few photos from 14/2/2011.

RCDX 32 with AN logo and a NSW XG type bogie on one end.

RCDX 64 with a NSW XLB bogie on the B end.

4 ROQF wagons were on the train and loaded with slag.

VOFX 1126 being unloaded.

Going back for more....VOFX 1126 and VOFX 1062 to the right.

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