09 February 2011

Various Newcastle Photos

Some shots from around Newcastle last week.

AWB owned WGBY at Carrington about to depart for northern NSW

VTQY 638, still in Morandoo for some reason.

An 8-pack of NHQH coal hoppers with very distinct testing(?) marks.

Inside an NHBH -prefect for the Auscision Models!

44206/44204/G514 at West Basin, preparing to depart with 4 x CHBY hoppers from the PRE sidings, and 12 PHTH hoppers.

Late afternoon at Thornton sees QR Unit Train 63 pass with 5007/5021

Maybe a rare photo with ever increasing competiton in the Hunter. PN's 8217 is coupled to a brand new QHBH for weighbridge testing for ARTC.


  1. While I have no idea WHY the VTQY is still there, it's good to see it is - I saw it a couple of weeks ago, and returned for a shot last Friday, and I couldn't see it - I assumed it had gone. Nice to see it's still there, thanks for that!

  2. Hi Chris,

    I am a 3D modeler and I work to model QR locomotives and waggons. Can I use your picture for my 3D models to make textures? You have a great collection of Australian trains pictures on your blog. Let see my 3D models in the Google 3D Warehouse (I've modeled buildings for Google Earth too). If you want to see a 2300 Class QR locomotives on Google Earth, go to the Port of Brisbane near the Grain silos.