07 July 2011

SSR's 4904 (was KL80)

Former CFCLA KL80 has emerged from the Goulburn paintshop with a new owner and new identity.

It is seen at Aylmerton and Bargo on the delivery run to Sydney on 6 July 2011.

To finish off, a little bit of trivia;  KL80 was numbered as such, after the Australian Customs Bay Class ACV 80 patrol boat - which could be seen from the former CFCLA Head Office. 



  1. Really sharp--I've not seen a loco yet that doesn't look good in this scheme. And first class that Goulburn didn't chop the high nose or mess with the deep valance. I understand all the CFCLA KL's and remaining 442's have been sold to SSR. Is SSR purchasing any of the LVR 47's?

  2. I remember when the scheme was first revealed (I think on GM22 in Jan 2004) a lot of people were critical of it. I think it has 'grown' on a lot of people. I always like that it, because it broke to mould of symetrical liveries.

    I believe you are correct re the KLs and 442s. Negative on the 47s I believe.

  3. Friday, July 15th, 11, 23:20 Hrs. M.D.T.
    I Like the SSR's Colours. Looks Sharp etc. Looks Like a Railroad That if It Had a Chance,
    Could Go Places.

  4. SSR has had a few chances and is going places. You don't read ARI or MP?

    Not hauling containers around usually equals success in this game.