19 July 2011

XW4 - 9th July 2011

A varied selection of Steelink Wagons from XW4 a few weeks back.

An original NR107 in reasonably good condition.

 Former Freightcorp NQTY 20319 - Not too many on Steelink services at the moment.

 Rail pair RKAX 15

An unidentified RKMX (NODY origins) with two repainted butter boxes.  The boxes repainted last year were done in a light grey colour.  These are more link the CIMC supplied boxes.   

Dull and faded RKNX 319. 

Near original with the tie bars and chain box, is RKPF 30309.  The mesh deck was fitted when it was converted for plate steel, and NRC fitted the 70t bogies. 

 Rail pair RKRF 1616.

 CR red RQKY 2141.

RQCX 712 with two more repainted butterboxes. Note the location of the vertical ID labels.   

RQTY 620 - the half height scrap containers are becoming pretty rare on these services.


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