15 July 2011

Barber Bogie?

Here is one that has stumped me.  Can anyone identofy the bogie under RCSF 27?  The photo was taken on 9th July 2011.  I've never seen a bogie like it.

The bogie looks to be a Barber type, with extremely long horns and axle box keeps which look like pins.

Comments welcome!


  1. Nice catch Chris. These bogies have been getting around since NR bought a heap of second hand '70 ton' bogies from the US in the mid 90's. Seabord Coast Line in the US bought many freight cars in the 1960's with this type of bogie. Maybe this is where this one has originated from. Many others in the same group have AT&SF cast into them. Cheers, Matt.

  2. G'day Matt,

    I suspect a lot of these older type have been weeded out of the fleet over the last 10 years.

    I have photoed a number of old US bogies in the last few years with company castings such as CB&Q, TTX, RBOX, AT&SF.

    Not sure if you have seen any, but the first Ride Control 70t side frames had RIDE CONTROL under the spring nest rather than above the bolster/friction wedges. I have seen aybe 3 bogies with this casting (all from the early 1960s I recall)

    Will post some photos next week of various bogies.