30 September 2012

NY3 21/09/12

A few photos of NY3 on 21/9/12 at Aylmerton.
RKEF 5 with the ELX ends.
RKEF 30 with the ESX ends.
RKTF 2142 with a load of power poles.
Staple for NY3 trains is a load of RKKY 3-pack billet wagons.  This one is 7350.
ROCY 34776 with a load of DCA bogies. 
RZCY 34760 with another load of DCA bogies.
ROOX 2900? in a well worn AN livery.  Old code boards and logo boards are noticable as is the unpainted inner walls.  A few modern features like strap cut outs and fork tine lifts are now present.   
Common on NY3 servies is overflow containers for Perth.  Here are a nice pair of 20s.

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