28 September 2012

PS6 21/9/12

PS6 at Aylmerton on 21/9/12 had a quad NR combo with the two lead units being in the Indian Pacific livery.
Nalco tanktainer.
A new design of tanktainer.  This on was carrying Argon.
The same design but this was carrying Oxygen.
RLSY 18629 in PN blue with red roof and ends.
RLSY 18630 in Sadleirs livery 
One of only two coded RQJW wagons from the first build.  Here is 22002. 
An RQKY with 3 tanktainers.  These wagons are loaded with 8'6" containers due to the high deck height.
An RQSY with a Norwest box and a green 40ft box with the Intermodal Solutions kookaburra.

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