17 September 2012

Modified Steelink Wagons

A few photos of various wagons on 3PW4 on 15/9/12 at Bundanoon.  Steellink have been busy modifying wagons and here are a few.  I'll post some other over the coming days.
Triple NRs - A staple diet these days on PW4/XW4 steel trains.  Seems the ANs and DLs have come to an end (for now...)
NQFF 21629, recently repainted at Port Kembla and fitted with a middle jumco coil container.
RCBF 20275 fitted with a 20ft double coil cradle flatrack.  Based on the size I suspect this would be for small coils similar to those loaded on RCSF wagons.
Old favourite VOFX 426 still in FA green.

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