19 October 2013

Aurizon Containers

Managed a few high sun container wagons on a 16 hour last Aurizon BM7 service.  The delay was due to bush fires near Bargo yesterday.
Aurizon side door ASDV 211414.
A pair of Aurizon AFED boxes.  The closest one is 411267. 
A newer 40ft AFDB 413095 with orange posts.
The only one on the train - a Royal Wolf Aurizon marked RWTU 941340.
It only clikced with me tonight, these 48ft SCF Rail Containers marked as AEED are indeed marked for Aurizon.  This one is AEED 912379.
A new 48ft AEDB 913037 with orange posts marking the 40ft lift and lock positions.
A QQAY with an assortment of 20ft containers.
QWS001 on a CQGY.  I suspect these are standard gauge wheelsets heading south or west for reprofiling.


  1. A few Aurizon 20ft Side door and 40ft boxes have been making their way Easten Victoria to the Maryvale paper mill on 9471/2.

    Haven't seen the 48ft boxes down here yet, but did see some on MB7 last night on my way home.

  2. The containers with the orange corners are part of the Coles contract