16 October 2013

PS6 at Bargo 16/10/2013

Back to a bit or normality with a few photos of PS6 at Bargo this morning. 
Quad star NRs on PS6
A rather tatty RLSY (probably 18701) in original Sadleirs livery with the yellow roof.
A good example of a PN liveried RLSY 18695 with replaced louvers and a well weathered (original paint) roof.
A pair of Downer utes from WA.
Another pair of Downer utes (facing the other way).
Unit 48 container.  This is number 51 and doesn't have the logo background.
Unit 48 container with the different colour back ground.  This is number 23.
A rare find, especially from WA!  A QRX toll coloured container. I can't recall seeing any outside QLD in recent years.
A new RAND reefer made by CIMC with a Carrier unit.  RAND 341.
RQDY 60051 with 70T bogies.
Good to see RQEYs back on general intermodal - RQEY 1868.
RQFY 111 with a pair of Linfox boxes.
RRKY 2345 with Aligned bogies.  These always take my fancy.  Something different and rare these days.
To finish is another odd box on the east coast.  The half height Toll box is more at home on double stack services west of Adelaide. 


  1. I noticed the QRX Container in your photo ended up on 3AB6 this afternoon 17/10, as well as the RQDY with the Royal Wolf container. Always appreciate your posts. Cheers Sam