24 April 2014

Easter Monday - PS7 (Part 3)

PS7 ran to a nice early afternoon time on Monday.  Here are a few photos of Sadleirs gear.  I'll post some more container photos shortly.

Double star NRs on PS7

RLSY 18699 shows an interesting weathering technique where the logo board was once situated.

Not as faded as most others, RLUY 18679 is still in pretty good condition.

RQGY 35020 with two bulk containers.  The light blue background on the wagon number makes me think this may have once been in CRT blue?

Curtain sider RCS 4038.


1 comment:

  1. Mr W Freak
    I would be interested in your view on the recently available 40' containers from SDS and Auscion.
    Being TNT and Aftrans ,as such would make up a very nice interstate container service.
    The problem being they are Hi-Cube models .Which I would assume would not have run until the early 90,s ?
    And are not correct fro any one modelling before this time.
    Your thoughts on this matter please.