19 April 2014

NHPH and NHIH Explained

During 2013, some 200 NHPH coal hopper were taken to Bradken Mittagong (in rakes of 40), where components were removed, bogies removed, and the chassis were taken away for cutting up.
All bogies were overhauled and taken to Newcastle to be mated up with 200 new NHIH coal hopper bodies from Bradken China.
NHPH 90231 awaiting its fate.
40 wagons congesting the Braemar yard!
NHPH Barber bogie (ECA type), have been reused under the NHIH wagons.
NHIH rake 31 (97311-97314).  50 rakes (4 wagons per rake) were delivered.
NHIH 97422 with overhauled ECA Barber bogies from the NHPH fleet.

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  1. 33 NHPH's were taken to Port Kembla yesterday (Sunday 28/2/2016) by 8228 for scrapping.