23 April 2014

Easter Monday - Afternoon 2NP3 (Part 2)

First steel train photos for a while.

2NP3 with double NRs and AN11.

RCOF 20867 - don't see these too often these days.

RCSF 29 and 85, loaded with small coils.

Loaded with round bar, RKEF 10 and RKHF 20849 are coupled together.  Bar was loaded also into VOFX and RKCX type open wagons.

RKXF 60205 loaded with long lengths of plate.

RQTY 27 with a trio of Royal Wolf containers.  Note the newer logo on the front one.

RRKY 4283 with three grey butter boxes.  

VQCY 720 with a pair of butter boxes.

Tilt plate wagon RKYY 7088 shows the lift up system.


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