27 July 2014

Lime Vans on PS6

PS6 always provides some interesting container loads and a variety of Sadleirs van.

Quad NRs past Aylmerton with vans upfront.

RLSY 18699 with a missing logo board which wasn't painted behind.  Nice rust streaks.

RLUY 18598.  Not looking too bad, but seems that the centreline of the roof is a little too far to reach for painting!

RLUY 18606 looks the goods with a bright paint and full coverage on the roof.

A good comparison to 606 is RLUY 18640 which has an unpainted roof centreline and graffiti to match.

RLUY 18719 is well faded and has no logo panel.

NQOY 15058 with a pair of Sadleirs containers.

I last saw a Millform container in WA on an SCT train Here it is
This one is MILU 400002-2

RQFY 76 with a nice selection of 20ft boxes including a SCFU Rail Containers bulktainer.

Finishing with a classic AN flat, RQKY 2693 fitted with Aligned bogies.  


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