25 July 2014


A few shots of WM2 today past Aylmerton

A grubby fronted 9317 with the usual 'marks' ex Melbourne.

A rather unusual Steellink wagon in NQPY 14559.  A lot of NQPYs have been stored as the bogies are swinglink type (XFA type as I recall) which are not being overhauled as they come due. 

A stark contrast between container lids.

VQOF 12 is an early ELX underframe as can be seen by the shallow centre sill.


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  1. Sorry to ask a question from a pic 5 or so months ago Wagonfreak but would you happen to know what the weight of the actual Jumbo Coils is please ?. I'm trying to make one for a Train Sim and i'm having difficulty in finding the weight of them.
    Cheers Mick.