12 November 2014

Busy Thornton (Newcastle)

After a few meetings in Newcastle, I headed to Thornton in the hope that there would be a few trains late in the afternoon.  What I got in a period of less than 20 minutes was rather spectacular!

When I arrived a Hunter Railcar passed by at 1706 hrs.

Starting the procession at 1721 hrs, empty Pelton Unit Train 49 with EL55/EL64 on the coal roads.

An UP XPT at 1723 hrs.

Empty ore 4835 with double 82s passed by at 1727 hrs.

Half of the load consisted of new Patrick half height ore containers.

Aurizon empty coal at 1737.  Thankfully this guys was humming along to clear for SSR's 1579 grain train.

A down XPT at 1738 hrs.

The icing on the cake was SSR102 on 1579 grain to Moree at 1739 hrs.

What a top afternoon!


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