29 November 2014

Jumbo Coil

Had a question asked about Jumbo Coils.  Here are some details from my ARI article in issue 1.

Jumbo Coil weight is 27.78t
Outer diameter is 1866mm
Width across is 1550mm
Thickness is 11mm material, rolled around 50 times.

The coils do vary and this certainly a larger one, but I would expect 24-28t to be the normal weights.



  1. Thank you very much for the info The RCKF is the wagon I'm making so your assistance is greatly appreciated.
    I also bought your Pilbara Ebook last year for other projects i have going.
    Thanks again for your efforts and time keeping this wonderful site going.
    Cheers Mick.

  2. Sorry to bother you again Wagonfreak but whats this ARI Article you mention is this available to those not working within the Rail Industry please.
    Cheers Mick.