27 April 2015

More from Pennsylvania

Another round of photos from Pennsylvania

The daily west bound Amtrak arrives at Lewistown with a freshly painted GE.

The east bound Amtrak heading through Miflin.

The west bound Amtrak departing Altoona.

An eastbound stack train passes workers clearing falling ice at Cassandra.

A west bound manifest through Cassandra while snow still sits in the shade.

The Duncannon bridge just west of Harrisburg is a nice location (better when the sun is out!).  

Heading down the east slope and into Altoona is an eastbound stack train.

Departing Enola Yard with 'transit' locos headed for Altoona Workshops.

Rolling westbound through Lewistown on a sunny day is this 'piggyback' service.

The rear end bankers on a block oil train pass the cemetry at Lilly.

One of the NS research and track inspection trains passing through Lilly.  The middle unit is a former locomotive.

Eastbound through Miflin is the Southern heritage unit with a stack train.

Departing Enola Yard as seen from the railfan bridge.

A stack train crosses over the Rockville bridge, as seen from the Bridgeview B&B.


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