26 April 2015

Some Norfolk Southern Pennsylvania Shots

A few shots from Pennsylvania in March this year, travelling around the Norfolk Southern lines.  

Weather was a real mixed bag with sun, rail, cloud and snow!

Here are a few shots that I have processed:

A triply header, including the Southern heritage unit, rolls west bound into Lewistown during a snow fall.

The bankers are on the front of this west bound stack train at Cassandra, on the west slope (west of Altoona).

A pair of CN locos arrive into Enola Yard Harrisburg with a manifest.

A week earlier at Enola Yard saw a mixed LE combo positioning for a outbound train.

Pushing a loaded coal train at Galitzen are two pairs of SD40E helper units.

A nice little shortline, JVRR, is at Lewistown.  Here their switcher pushes back a gondola into the yard.

A Lilly a manifest rolls through west bound.

Between Harrisburg and Altoona a west bound manifest rolls under the gantry at Mifflin.

The JVRR shunts/switches a new industrial complex out of town.  Here the switcher departs after placing some boxcars in a rapidly developing baby product warehouse. 

Three NS units sit on the Reading Bridge at Harrisburg.

At Strasburg a steamer operates on the weekends.  Also in the town is the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum.  A must see!

A big combo on an east bound manifest pass through Portage.

An east bound stack train with a pair of new SD70ACes bolt through Lewistown in fresh snow.


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