19 June 2015

Late Afternoon

Around the highlands in winter, the sun is getting pretty low by about 4pm, making a lot of locations unsuitable for shots.  Last Saturday 7SP5 and 6BM7 rolled through on what would be a lovely time for summer photography, but not so flash for mid winter shooting.  The results are below.

7SP5 approaching Mittagong station with long tree shadows encroaching the line.  The old station masters house is in the background.

An interesting load of John Deere Gators headed for Perth.

Aurizon was through a little later so I headed to a spot a little further north and waited for a late afternoon shot (at 4.45pm!).  With the sun behind my back, I took a silhouette as the sky started to colour. 

Trying to use the light and voids, this shot of a tanktainer came out pretty well.


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