01 June 2015

Mix Freight - US Style

My favourite thing about US trains are the manifests; the mixed freights that run with anything and everything.  (Double) Stack train are impressive and long, coal and oil block trains are heavy drags, but the manifest is a real mixed bag of goodies both new and old.  

This job was photoed at Lilly in Pennsylvania, and was 114 cars long.  I wasn't to show some of the more interesting freight cars (wagons) on the train and thought I could keep it to about 10 - wrong!  I couldn't even keep my interesting list to under 20 freight cars (and even that was pushing it!).

The mix of cars represent very old to very new, many different roads, many different commodities, and a great source of detail for modelers.  

Manifests were not overly common, and unfortunately I didn't get many in good lighting, but this was a cracker! 


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