06 July 2015

45G1 Shipping Containers

There have been some interesting 40ft boxes on Qube's 1311 lately.  Here are few of my favourites.

1311 with triple CMs.

I have only seen on of these boxes before on a truck so it was nice to get one of rail.  SeaGo is a Mearsk company so it makes sense that it was loaded between Maersk and Safmarine (another Maersk company) containers.  

I had to do a bit of research on the MCC box, but it is a Maersk company also.  I have never seen one of these before.  I believe both the SeaGo and MCC had MIEU codes.

I'm seeing more and more TS Lines containers, and interestingly they are one of the few shipping lines that are putting their logo on leased containers.  This one is a Dong Fang leased container.

Another leased container.  This one is from TEX.

This is an owned TS Lines container and has the code TSLU.



  1. A similar range of containers appears on QUBE's Maryvale paper train. I've seen 3 or 4 SEAGO containers so far.

  2. They are all for Maersk ships. You can get HO scalle SeaGo containers from Germany.


  3. The 40' SEAGO and MCC containers were released in HO by Athearn recently.

  4. Thanks MS. Shame the AUD is so weak and shipping is so expensive. They look good.

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