10 July 2015

Busy Burradoo (2015)

A few shots from last week at Burradoo in the Southern Highlands.  The best afternoons out are when the Tahmoor coalie blocks everything and you have a run of about 4 or 5 trains in half an hour.  

Here is the link to the same procession back in May 2013!  Thing have changed just a little bit. 

Double 92s on the loaded Tahmoor coalie.

Double NRs on NY3.  I'll post the wagon shots in a future post.

Local pass stuck in the congestion.

Bringing up the rear was BM4 with double NRs also.

An RRYY loaded with Toll Cartainers.

A new Toll Shipping 40ft+ reefer.

An SCFU reefer with the 'new old' markings.


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