28 November 2015

Aurizon BM7

A few shots from last week of the Aurizon Brisbane to Melbourne intermodal service.

LDP003 leading a QR coloured LDP.  

Rand reefer ARLS 420.

With a bund capacity of 2700 litres, this box now carried the code BBUU 300162.

Fitted with a side access door is CXU 960930.

Orica sodium cyanide tank ORA 413.

The red has worn off the SCT logo on PBGY 117M.

A deck shot of QQBY 2026.

The other side deck shot of QQBY 2083.

Loaded QQBY 2053 with a TRDU and ARDU box carrying sodium cyanide.  The middle tank is a cement/flyash tanker.

QQGY 654 loaded with two CRT boxes.

Reefer RAND 239 with a cleaned/serviced reefer unit on the end.

This shot has snuck in from the morning (it was on MB7).  RWXX 442719.

Pneumatic tank 2PB4 type, SCFU 813089.

Another 2PB4, SCFU 813066.

This SCF reefer and the one below are the same but have different logos.  This one is SCFU 814062.

Fitted with a very red logo which is a bit smaller than the reefer prior, this container is SCFU 814067.


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