05 November 2015

Sunny Container Shots

The weather has been crappy for days, so here are a few from last week when the sun was out.

A pair of FBT Transwest FBTT tanks on a PN intermodal service to Sydney.

Below are some containers from Aurizon BM7 service

AEBD 913037.  The orange stripes denotes allocation to Coles.

AFRD W 13111.  The W has replaced the leading 4, denoting allocation to Woolies.

EXXU 999697 and a remarked QR side door SFCU 305 series container.

mCColls Transport MCTU 240003.

NZ based Pacific Forum Lines 22R1 reefer PFLU 605100.

Side door QLST 307506 with a new Eurotainer EURU 094040

Uncommon in NSW is toll QRX seacell, QRXA 4001.

12.6m reefer SCFU 480014.

12.8m reefer SCFU 807036

Tanker TOLU 956129.


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