22 January 2017

Tasmanian Containers

Here is a seletion of various containers that are common to Tasmania and pretty unique on the mainland (except for around Melbourne).

A Toll Western Star passes a stack of TSRR 20ft+ reefers.  These reefers don't have a visible reefer unit.

TSRR 747 in the new livery and TSRR 535 in the older Toll Shipping livery.  Note the small 50mm extension on the end which makes them a 'plus' length container.

A pair of curtain sided containers at Burnie.  These are TSMG containers, with the top one marked for Devondale and the bottom one being very new.

TSMG 061007 with a new Toll curtain.

TSMG 061010 with the Devondale cow log.

Toll's innovate Scrap Box TTOS 200018-3 being stacked at Burnie.  Find out more about these scrap steel boxes here.

BSJD 003005-2 is an older box still with the Brambles Shipping code.  This is a jumbo at 10'6.

An older 20+ reefer still marked with the Brambles Shipping code also.  This one is BSRR 359.  Note the 50mm 'plus' extension on the right hand side.

The door end of BSRR 359.

Presumably used for Cadbury chocolate, this reefer is marked as CHOC 682.  

Marked as TSCC with yellow ends, the CC may denote chocolate allocation.  This one is TSCC 1030.

New 20ft SCF general freight boxes, SCFU in the 216 series.

The Searoad reefers are longer than the Toll reefers, being closer to 21ft in length.  Here is SSHR 014.

The front end of SSHR 016 showing the Thermo King reefer unit.

Relatively new Searoad side door SSDU 215003-1.  These have an older stlye side door when compared with the more recent SCF side door builds.

A pair of SSDU side doors at Devonport.


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