26 January 2017

The last SCT Vans on Aurizon BM7

Last Sunday saw one of the last runs of the SCT vans on Aurizon's BM7 service, as SCT has commenced their own service between Melbourne and Brisbane.  Here are a few shots of the train and vans of interest.

6001 and LDP004 lead BM7 through Bargo.

Approaching Yerrinbool.

Rounding the S curve at Aylmerton.

ABSY 2792 with the centre hatch and a patch at the far end.

ABSY 4472 with an original roof - not many of these around.

PBGY 0015 with a cleaned roof.

PBGY 0056 with a silver roof.

PBGY 0097 with a black roof.


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