20 January 2017

Tasrail Wagons

A wide selection of Tarail wagons sighted during December and January

Standard container wagon TQAY 082.

TQAY 113.

TQAY 136 showing the skeletal design.  These were built in China and are similar to the QRRS container skels such as CQBY and CQZY.

Still surviving, TQMF 013 is one of a handful to supplement the TQAY fleet.

Fingal coal wagon THGY 014.

Railton cement wagon THGY 006.

THGY 016.

Concentrate wagon TOMY 034.

Ballast plough ZP 1

Ex QR ballast wagon ZQ1.  There were 8 of these on the train.

This 1914  built tank, TU13 is parked at Colebrook, near Richmond.


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