24 May 2017

Aurizon MB7 Loading

A few interesting wagon and container shots from a couple of weeks back.

Built as a CQYY but never purchased by CFCLA, Bradken then called these wagons KQYY and were subsequently stored.  Aurizon has now purchased them and called them AQIY.  This one is 00009.  When Aurizon purchased them, they moved the handbrake from the end of the wagon to the side.  The fleet size is 28 wagons (00001-00028).  

AQIY 00012 with a Solvey Interlox ETNU ISO tank with hydrogen peroxide.

Coregas ISO tank PCAU 613136-6, marked as ST36 carrying Argon.

CQGY 510 with a funky looking Chemtrans CTC tank and a K&S flatrack with bathroom modules.  

A K&S KHS flatrack loaded with Wesbeam timber.  I think these would make a great modelling article in AMRM.

A QQBY showing off the height difference between an 8'6 Royal Wolf box and an ASV side door measuring 9'10".

A nice load of generators and power equipment on a Triton 42P3 shipping flatrack/transiflat.

I better show the locos.  The combo was interested with an X in the shafts.  The location is Tahmoor.


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