07 May 2017

SCF Containers

Some SCF containers from the last week.  

Marked for Aurizon is SCF side door ASDV 216043-7

Having been repainted and recoded (was QRRF) from QR National livery, this is the forst 40ft+ reefer I have seen with the SCF logo in to top corner.  It is normally in the centre of the container.  This one is SCFU 480062-1.

SCFU 416094-5 in the new grey livery with no side logo.   

SCFU 416106-8 with the side logo.

New 'half-height' (well, really about 6'9") side door container SCFU 616007-6

Another half-height, SCFU 616020-3

Former SCF side door, now marked for Toll Shipping as TSBD 310055-6.


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