12 August 2017

PN Northern Grain

Managed to intercept this PN loaded grain train at Tarro the other day.  It has a very interesting consist of motley wagons.

A quin lash up with 8232 leading and DL50 as the fourth unit.

The only wagon in the consist built this century (well actually 1999 in China and delivered in 2000), XGAY 0006. 

VHAF 530 still wearing the former Freight Austrlia livery.

VHAF 864 which was previously a VHHF.  It is now fitted with NSW bogies.  

VHGF 264 with a decent graffiti patch out.

VHGF 223 with a well faded PN blue side.

VHHF 874 also with NSW bogies.

Former 1960s coal hopper, now NGIF 40015.

Former 1970s NGAX, now NGLF 30743.


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