26 August 2017

PN Intermodals

Some intermodal shots from last Wednesday.These were from PS6 and MB4 services.

Haven't seen a Cahill 48ft box on rail for ages, and this train had two!  This one is CHLL 880003-5.

A nest of 4 Cronos CRTU flatraks.  These are 49P0 type which translates to 4=40ft length, 9=<4ft a="" ends.="" font="" height="" is="" p0="" platform="" without="">

A pair of Toll curtain siders on RQJW 60021.  The closes one is an overhaul and the back one is new.

Overhauled curtain sider 3NW815.  This container would date back to the 1990s and would have been a classic white and orange TNT curtain, probably with the Contrans text.  The container was built by Kruger.

Open top Hapag-Llyod HLXU 42U1 container. 

With a freshly painted side sill, RQCY 987G carries a Keny container and a Toll SPD curtain sider in the original Toll livery.

Another open top container but in the form of a GOAU container loaded into Toll 5-pack RRXY 3.

A pair of Royal Wolf former removalist containers.  The orange one was a former Allied Pcikfords and the blue one was a Wridgeway.

A second hand container with a new Royal Wolf logo.  This is a 25G1 type.

VQCY 815 with a Sadleirs leased container from Western.  The container is a former SCFU Seacell box now marked as WPWU.

RQCY 1007A in original VR red/brown and with the tie rail down the side.

A Simon flatrack with a few empty ones nested below the loaded one.

Toll 48ft TDDS 486125, with a second marking on the end showing TDDU.  I suspect the TDDU may have been used to ship the container from China,



  1. Call me picky but this Royal Wolf looks like a 22G1 to me. A 25G1 should carry high cube markings and should be the same height as the container next to it.

  2. It is 9'6 25G1. The box next to it is 9'10.

  3. 3NW815 was previously Toll SPD branded.