20 August 2017


For those of my generation, you probably associate the word 'isotopes' with the baseball team from the Simpsons, however I came across this interesting container the other day.

BSLU 925116-4 is marked as an isotope Lab for Marine National Facility and was on an Aurizon train from Melbourne, heading north.  From the look of both ends, it seemed to be kitted out with some fancy stuff.

BSLU is the code for Boxit containers.  



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  2. Nice one. However, BSLU is to my understanding assigned to the Hongkong based container manufacturer BSL Containers Ltd.
    Or is there a separate list of owner codes for Australia? Recevied my Auscision 40' containers today and most owner codes aren't registered with the BIC (or even don't end with an U)…

  3. Unfortunately no separate list for Australian containers, and as most are domestic only, they don't see the need to comply with the BIC or ISO standards.