13 September 2017

Aurizon LDPs

With the impending cessation of Aurizon intermodal, I thought it would be a good idea to get a few more shots.  

LDP007 and 003 on an MB7 service at Bowral.

Former VQCY, now QQGY 549 loaded with two CRT 30ft containers.

A bit of a rare beast...SCFU 0480012 is a 48ft Seacell container.  I don't believe that 2 is the check letter but rather the numbering is 7-digits.  This probably once carried Woolworths branding like the photo below of SCFU 0480011 taken in 2006 in SA.

Former narrow gauge QQAY 47819 with a pair or ORA Orica tanks sandwiching an Exsif ISO tank. 


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