17 September 2017

What I will miss about Aurizon....

As many of you may be aware, Aurizon intermodal looks to be winding up at the end of this year due to continual financial losses.  While the freight is likely to end up on other operator's trains, there is something that I have enjoyed about Aurizon consists.  

This afternoon I photoed 7BM7, and I've picked out some crackers which demonstrate the loading that I like with the Aurizon services.  It was about 13 years ago around Easter 2004 when this all started with CFCLA leased wagons and EL locos.  Shame they couldn't make it work...   

Aurizon have been a long time user of the CQGY fleet, with many being used since the start of the service in 2004.  Not only are the CQGYs interesting, but a triple tank load of a mixed variety.

Another CQGY but this time with the classic combination of triple Aurizon side door containers.  Aurizon trains have always had a plethora of side doors as part of the load.

A CQMY with a double CEVA load.  Ceva moved across to Aurizon as their carrier quite a few years ago, however it is likely they will go back to PN.

Another CQMY but with double AFED boxes.  It is unknown what will happen to the relatively young fleet of Aurizo boxes.  Will they be rebadged and continue in service for many more years?

Strange loads on Aurizon have always been a draw card.  Utes and camper trailers have always turned heads, and today was no exception, with an NQIU Shell Truck Diesel 48ft self-bunded tank as part of the load. 

K&S signed up for 5 years with Aurizon and it is likely the regular flat rack loadings on KHS and KT flats will go to another operator.  Here is a steel load on a KHS flat rack on a QQAY ex narrow gauge wagon.

Another QQAY, but with an ABLK Caru bulk container and a K&S KT flat rack.

QQGY 654 with a couple of Aurizon/QRN containers round out the photos.  The QQGY and QQTY wagins have been part of the scenery from day one, with 45 wagons coming across from CRT.  These former VR flats are still going strong with both Aurizon and PN (and a few with SCT).  


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