20 April 2011

AGWF Grain Hoppers


45 former Westrail XW class grain hoppers have migrated to NSW for grain operations with ARG/QRN. 

The wagons are now coded AGWF and have retained their original numbers.  The oldest wagon dates back to 1972, where as the newest wagon (former XWB) dates from 1984.

Most are fitted with blue painted couplers, which are purchased from Fletchers in SA.  The blue paint is simply a marketing colour from Fletchers and not safety or operationally related.  CFCLA have fitted a lot of these couplers to intermodal rollingstock. 

The wagons are fitted with a WF Triple Valve, and a Combined Unit reservoir.  They are also fitted with a Relay Valve, making them a Relay Braked wagons.

They are fitted with a Main Reservoir but this is only for the operation of the roof lid. The Main Reservoir does not charge the Combined Reservior and as such are not 'Two Piped' wagons, and operations are restricted on the Illawarra Mountain.

The bogies are 50t with a centre pull arrangement. 


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