13 April 2011

RKDY Steel Wagon

I've been surfing other Blogspots recently and came across Barcoola.  http://barcoola.blogspot.com/

Barcoola has always been a favourite HO scale layout of mine - capturing the inovation of the AN railways.

A few blogs refer to the PN steel wagons that run to Darwin on the Freightlink service.  They are referred to as RKWF wagons, however, only 3 are allowed to run to Darwin.  As such, these three are coded RKDY and not the standard RKWF/RKWY.

The reason for the different code (and restriction on other wagons running to Darwin) all has to do with the wheel profile.  The standard profile that PN run across Australia (WPR2000) is not allowed on Freightlink track, and as such these 3 RKDY wagons are (or at least were) the only three PN wagons running around with the ANZR wheel profile, and were limited to Whyalla/Adelaide to Darwin only.  

These wagons also have some pretty unique stencils on the sides.

To the Barcoola boys - if you ever need any reference or details photos posted, just ask.



  1. I think RKDY refers to ex NSW BDY(NODY) open wagons converted to carry steel slabs back in SRA days before NR & recoding to RKDF.

  2. Correct - RKDY also refers to the once common ex BDY/NODY steel wagon, however no more are in service. Most would now be RKDF.

    I'm not sure if both codes existed at the same time on two completely different wagons, although it would be unlikely as I the PN TMS/RMS systems would probably have a summy spit.



  3. nice work, your blog is a great resource for modern wagon modelling.

    On your advise we will ensure that the steel wagons have the right coding for ultra modern Barcoola.

    One wagon we don't have detailed pictures of is the ACHY double deck cattle wagon. If you could help out that woudl be fantastic.

    Congrats again on your site.


  4. Thanks Scott,

    Sorry but I can't help with the ACHY - I'll keep my eye out for any shots.

    BTW - I love the term 'Ultra Modern'.