30 April 2011

Photos From a New Camera

My Pentax K10 suffer a failure after 41,000 photos, and with the need to go to Newcastle on Monday, I didn't want to chance not having it fixed in time.  So, the other day I purchased a new Pnetax KR.

Still learning the tricks, but thankfully it is quite similar to the K10.  Shame I can't get the sun to come out so I can give a really good run. 

Here are 5 photos of interest taken on Friday 29th April 2011.

MB4 crossing a down Endeavour at Aylmerton.

A very late running MB7 departs Moss Vale after a crew change.

A very unique NPSH 35244 cut down hopper at Berrima Junction (was formerly on the Dunmore Stone Train).

In near oginal condition, RRKY 2688 is near the rear of PN's MB4 service.  The wagon is still in a very clean Commonwealth Railways red, with clear CR markings, and is fitted with Aligned bogies.  A rare find for 2011, and a great wagon to model.  

A detail shot of RRKY 2688 showing the CR logo and Aligned bogies.


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