04 May 2011

Sunny Sunday

The sun has been pretty rare in the Highlands for the last few weeks, but I managed to snag 7BM4 crossing the Up Canberra Explorer on 1st May.

A pair of NRs crest over Exeter Bank

The cross shot!

The UP combined Canberra and Griffith train

5-Pack RRGY 7119


Painted light blue, jumbo RQJW 22034

A interesting QRX flat rack on a 5-pack.

RQFY 21 which may have been pulled from the workshop a little early?

That pristine CR red RRKY again. 

A new Toll logoed reefer container

The icing on the cake was a quick shot of 4918 on the Cockatoo Run at Moss Vale.


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