28 May 2011

Broadmeadow 19 May

A few more wagon photos from Broadmeadow on 19 May.

120t NHYH wagon heading south on Railcorp track to Teralba Colliery.

Ceva(?) container HBT307 in a fresh lime green.  Previous HBT containers have been in the standard TNT orange.

Another blast from the past - RRKY 2694, fitted with Aligned bogies and still sporting the CR logo.  The only modern feature is the PN yellow stripe on the side sill.

5-pack RRYY 22 with a load of Toll and Patrick cartainers.  Worth noting is the AB container at the front with the same flat roof as all the Patrick containers.  Many of the Toll cartainers seen on the east coasr are MB type with the mansard roof.


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