15 May 2011

Friday 13th - PS6

Managed to get a very clean NR25 on the lead of PS6 on Friday.  Attached are some photos showing the interesting loads that this train often carried (apart from the usual shipping type containers). 

 NR25 leading two others on PS6 through Aylmerton around midday.

 A fresh green Sadleirs van (RLSY)

RLSY 18648 in SRA, sporting the original style louvers.  This version is about to be released by Auscision Models.

Two tanktainers carring Hydrogen Peroxide

 A load of WA timber

 Something new to rail - a Bitutainer - for carrying bitumenous products.

 Liquid Argon BOC container

A flat rack loaded with cable drums 

Something not too common these days - a Patrick container still in good condition.


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