27 May 2011

Braodmeadow 18 May

 A few interesting wagons were photoed in Braodmeadow last week.

 QHBF 41625 - Former Narrow Gauge VAKM, now stored at Casino.

 QHBF 40647 - NO idea why QRN overhauled this wagon, but I'm not a fan of the colour.

WA born WOAX 33073, complete with end hatches.

SQGF 537 with XF type bogies and a interesting pair of concentrate containers.  The SQGF class are fitted with almost every version of X type imaginable, including XG, XH, XF, XL, and even some interstate bogies from Vic and SA.
 MB7 with a pair of dirty LDPs coming through the Relief Road.

 An Orica Mining Container

A Sadleirs Tanktainer


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