30 May 2011

PN Mittagong, 20 May

Still catching up - thankfully this week looks to be pretty wet, and I'm not travelling, so I should be able to catch up on the last 10 days of photos.

6NY3 with a few 5-packs of containers up front.  This is pretty common, with the wagons being detached at Goobang Jct or Spencer Jct for on-forwarding on an SP intermodal job.

An interesting container was on the lead of NY3.  Anew SCF Rail Container with orange doors.  Not sure if these are the ones made from plastic, but they ceratinly stand out. 

More ROQF and ROHF ore concentrate wagons are turning up carting scrap/slag from Whyalla to Port Kembla.  Complimenting the usual ROBX and RCDX wagons is ROQF 334, without any noticable tears in the wall skin, unlike some others!

 Plate steel wagon RKXF 60152.

Out of gauge plate steel wagon RRYY 7085.

NR85 was the trailing unit on 5MB4.

5 of a kind, on RRYY 30.

RQZY 7036. I haven't seen the articulated wells (7004, 7007 and 7083) for a few weeks, and have noticed more RRRY and RQZY/RRZY well sets on MB/BM services.


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