23 May 2011

The Final Installment - Part 6

We have finally made it - a week later and here is the last group of photos from a busy Monday 16th May.  The location is Mittagong as the sun starts to drop around 4.15pm.

In comparison today, I photographed 2134 and LS02.  PW4 and NP3 snuck through while I was busy, PS7 was running late and I'm not sure about BM7.

LDP007 leads a very clean 6009.

 CFCLA leased CQGY 546.  Keen observers will notice the verticle handbrake wheel on the end - a project I started when I was at CFCLA.

 Former PN, now QR owned jumbo QQMY 22003.

 CQBY 2058 with a interesting mix of tanktainers and DG container.

 QQGY 599 with two CRT boxes.

Finally, three of a kind! - Geocycle containers on ex narrow gauge QQAY 47801.


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