01 September 2011

Bendigo 24/08/2011

A few photos from around Bendigo on 24/08/2011

Centre well from what I believe is RQLY 1011.  The centre well from VQWW/RQVY1 was installed as a replacement into QQLY 1011.



RQUY platforms awaiting refurbishment. 

Repaired Dunolly victim, VHHF 832. 

VOFX 10.  This wagon also has 108 on the databoard - recoded from 108 to 10 after a modification - maybe? 

 A VPFX in FA green.  I wonder if this ever operated in this colour scheme?

ZZMA 123


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  1. Possibly the FA green VPFX was used for locomotive sand traffic, but missed out on a recoding? I saw a green VPFX (recoded VZGX 17J) stored at North Geelong Yard about a year ago: