01 September 2011

Melbourne - 23/08/2011

A few shots from around Melbourne on 23/08/2011

What once was a nice paint job has been butchered by PN.  8114 in a average patch job. 

Cartainer AB062.  I haven't been following these too closely, but this looks to be from a second batch as it hasn't faded as much as the one on the left.  The one to the right is AB050.  I recall the first build of AB container may have been 1-36 or around that figure.   

AFGF 1627 ready for BG operation with POTA.  This was was built by Wiles in 1961. 

SG V/Line pass job. 

The CQCY wagons are being converted to BG operations for Metro spoil work.   

A favourite of mine - PCJ 493 - former West Coast PCO2. 

Decked VLCX 38 - making a good shed. 

Steamrail painted VOBX 244.  For the number crunchers, be aware that this is not originally ELX 244. 

 VOBX 289 - I believe the owner may be El Zorro.

VPFX 16, still in reasonable condition.



  1. Chris, I have been enjoying all your shots for a little while now (keep up the good work) but I finally found a wagon that I can't discern the purpose of.
    In the last shot above, I suspect that VPFX 16 is a bulk materials hauler ... but if what?
    Is it for cement or some other material?

  2. G'day Gordon,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    It is very similar to the VR cement wagons (3 dome) but this 4 dome beast is a Flour wagon. The F in VPFX is the clue.