19 September 2011

Unique Newcastle Opens

A few favourites sighted during my seemingly endless journeys to Newcastle, but I can't complain about the chance to go snapping!  All four photos are taken at Morandoo and are of RKCX or RKCY type opens whiuch have the centre section removed for loading or unloading with a large forklift (as I recall in Brisbane).

RKCX 4004 on 06/09/2011 - shame RRLX 66 got in the way! 

One of only two RKCY wagons, 20534, photoed on 06/09/2011. 

A week later on 13/09/2011 found RKCX 4 complete with sliced VLine logo board. 

The other RKCY, 20282 on 10/09/2011 also.



  1. Chris I note a new reduced photo size format on the blog, is this a Blog thing or something you initialed.

    Phil Collins

  2. It is Blog thing and I don't like it!

    It is part of their new format - I'll see what I can do with the settings as the size makes the shots pretty useless for everyone!