30 August 2011

PW4 - 15/08/2011

A few shots of PW4 at Mittagong and Aylmerton on 15/08/2011.

Bundled copper loaded into RCDX 12.  Note the recent addition of the semi permanent cradles at each end.  These look to be wleded into position.

Another RCDX with a copper load. 

Hard to tell apart from an RKLY, yellow sided NQTY 20555 is now on Steelink traffic. 

RKPF 30317 with a large opening mesh deck and exposed centre sill.

 RKPF 30311 with a smaller opening mesh covering the entire deck.

A repainted original RKYY tilt bed. 

RQCX 995 with containers loaded with copper bundles. 

Scrap steel loading - fine shavings. 

Scrap stee loading - large sheets of cut offs from rolled coil  

PW4 coming through Mittagong. 

Something different - PW4 approachng the bridge over Aylmerton Road at the 126km mark. 


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